​Dog Shampoos for special conditions

​                     only $6.00

​Oatmeal​​- Anti - inch , soothe and moisturize dry, itchy skin  ,all natural.

​* ​Hypo - Allergic -​ For pets with allergies and sensitive skin & tearless shampoo.

​*​ Skin Remedy- ​is good for solving skin problems by controlling ,flaky skin, skin infections , bacteria infections , fungus and yeast , helps in cleaning and healing sores.

* ​Brighten White -​helps ​brighten white and light colored coats.

​*​ Odor Eliminator - ​great for skunked dog and any kind of dog odor , helps to eliminate smelly dog odor.

​*​Tri-Herbal  Shampoo- kills fleas on contact ,​natural ,safe, flea control on your pet , helps with itching skin & inflamed skin from flea bites ,restores moistures to dry coats and skin, safe alterative to chemical shampoos.

​* ​Coat  Conditioner-​ it moisturizes and conditions and helps removes matts and eliminates static. 



​Teeth Brushing ​(only $12.00)

​Nail Trimming (​Nail Dremeling available) ( $ 9.00 )


Full Grooming - Includes

* Green Clean Shampoo - (safe and natural leaving coat with a fresh clean smell)

* Fluff & blow dry coat

* Hand scissoring

* Cut hair if breed appropriate  

* Brush coat , De-mating

* Nail Trimming    ( Nail Dremeling available )

* Ear cleaning - only use natural & safe cleaner

* Remove hair from ears if necessary

* Express anal glands  

Nail cutting $9.00