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Winter grooming Recommendation

It happens every years. Many people don't groom their dogs during the winter months, because they believe their dog will be too cold afterwards. Their hair grows longer than normal , then can become very matted due to the wetness of snow and rain ,plus items such as sweaters. When this occurs , the groomer must go shorter then they would like , sometime even when it is still cold out side. If you still don't come in for grooming at this point , your dog could be very  uncomfortable due to matted hair pulling on it's skin whenever it moves. In order to avoid this cycle , we urge you to stay on a 6-- 8 week schedule if you have a grooming breed , even during the winter . The groomer doesn't have to take  a lot off , but they can minimize any mats  and keep your  from get more mats in their coats , keeping your dog smelling good and feeling great. Trust us on this you will be glad you did.


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